We've turned literature into data for chemical research.
 We've turned literature into data for chemical research.  

Welcome to ParlezChem

At ParlezChem we have turned text from millions of articles into data specifically constructed for use in drug research and toxicology. With this knowledgebase, we can help you answer research questions at any stage of your product’s life cycle.


  • Basic literature tasks: we can build a navigation-enabled electronic library with all relevant literature references for your next writing or research project.
  • Basic research: we help you find novel protein targets for a disease state of interest.
  • Due diligence: we can help you avoid liabilities by anticipating adverse effects.
  • Franchise development and repositioning: we can help you identify the therapeutic areas your compound may be effective in.
  • Competitive Intelligence: we can look at the publication history for an organization of interest and track the drugs, targets, or diseases under research.

How can literature informatics do all this?

Our literature database contains links between drugs, proteins, and diseases pulled from the entire scope of PubMed. That’s millions of articles, millions of links, millions of hours of biomedical research condensed into data. With your research question in mind, we pull just the connections you need, link them to the articles, and put it all in a spreadsheet for ease of use and a unique jumpstart for your research project.


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